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Getting a CPR and NemID – Lex Loci

Getting a CPR and NemID

A CPR-number is a Danish civil registration number. Without a CPR it is rather difficult to get around in Denmark and to arrange even the most simple things.

In order to get a CPR number, you will need to have a place to live. You have to present your rental contract, proof of enrollment and a “opholdstilladelse” (residence permit) before you can apply for a cpr. You can find help at the International House in Copenhagen. After finding an apartment and signing a rental agreement, we recommend you to apply for a CPR-number as soon as possible since the process might take up to one month.

More information about obtaining a CPR-number can be found here.

After you have gotten your CPR, you will need to get a NemID. NemID is a common log-in solution for numerous Danish websites, which enables you to access for example Danish Internet banks, government websites and Danish digital mail self-service Internet pages.

There are several ways to obtain NemID. You can:

Obtain NemID via citizen services
Obtain NemID via online banking
Order NemID online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver’s licence).

You can find more information on getting a NemID here.