Executive Committee

Lex Loci has an Executive Committee, which is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the organisation and furthering its goals within the student body. The Executive Committee is made up of the following officers, each of whom is responsible for a specific area of interest:

President: Cristian Rubanovici
Oversees the general running of the Organisation, and who has primary responsibility for liaising with the University and the Faculty of Law

Treasurer: Adel Yildiz
Responsible for the Organisation’s finances.

Secretary-General: Nikoleta Fotopoulou
Responsible for the Organisation’s correspondence and record keeping.

Director for Social Activities: Victoria Prohnițchi
Responsible for organising social events.

Director for  Academic Activities:  Marianna Wegener Orphanou
Responsible for establishing partnerships with student societies and organizing academic events.

Director for Digital Management: Ana Rotar
Responsible for managing the internal organizational process.

Project Coordinator: Cristina Haneș
Responsible for managing events and assisting the Executive Committee.

Alumni Secretary: Alexandre Azevedo
Responsible for outreach to alumni of the Faculty of Law, as well as Chair of the Alumni Committee.

In addition, the Executive Committee may appoint Project Coordinators, who are delegated duties by the President.

All members of the Executive Committee serve terms of 1 year and may seek re-election. The officers of the Executive Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting, from all student members of the Organisation, and alumni members who graduated less than 2 years ago.